About Potato Town

Potato Town is a hub of creative activity in North Oxfordshire at the edge of the Cotswolds, in a converted traditional Cotswold barn. It has long been the home and studio base of artist Pam Franklin and furniture designer John Callen, with respected annual exhibitions for professional artists and makers.

John and Pam are currently renovating the site to expand the range of classes and work shown here.

Ella is excited to be part of this exciting new phase for Potato Town, and will be teaching innovative studio workshops here from January 2019.

Potato Town is found on the main A361 between Chipping Norton and Bloxham/Banbury, opposite the Swerford turn.

Why the name? Potatoes were once grown in the fertile soil along the A361 and stored in the barn. But the ‘Town’ bit remains unexplained.

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