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To join the annual Observation to Abstraction series, you book a set of three intensive workshops, a month apart, with homework in between to consolidate your learning. You can book either Term 1 (three workshops in autumn 2017), or Term 2 (three workshops in early 2018), or both. And if you've missed Term 1, there's still time to book Term 2.

Now in its ninth year, Observation to Abstraction tackles a different painting issue each year. This year, we investigate loosening up as an abstract process. Every workshop offers a different method for loosening up, and is repeated for the eight groups. 

Start by choosing which group to attend:

Wednesday group 1 >> fully booked

Thursday group 1 >> fully booked

Friday group 1 >> fully booked

Saturday group 1 >> fully booked

Wednesday group 2 >> fully booked

Thursday group 2 >> fully booked

Friday group 2 >> fully booked

Saturday group 2 >> fully booked

Taster days: you can sometimes do one workshop (out of three) as a single taster day. Please ask about available dates this term.

Workshops run 10am to 4pm in a private studio in Headington, Oxford with easy parking. It's £195 per term (£65 per day), with all materials, equipment and refreshments included, and easy parking right outside. Contact Ella to check availability and for payments by cheque or online banking. In 2018, booking and payment by credit card will become fully integrated online for all new classes and workshops.

Ella has given professional art tuition for over seventeen years, using the best of traditional and contemporary approaches and sharing generously from her own experience. Now in its ninth year, and focussing on a different theme each year, Observation to Abstraction is not just about watercolour. The course has a different focus each year. But over time, it articulates traditional and contemporary fundamentals elements of painting and drawing applicable to any medium, effectively facilitating many painters to take their work to the next level.

The course is suitable for all painters of all levels, from beginners to experienced, who are open to experimenting with new approaches, and who would enjoy doing some work in between sessions, knowing that it takes practice to make progress and develop a voice. The course isn't suitable for people who prefer to copy photographs or a tutor's demonstration, paint in the style of another artist, or who aren't willing to explore the conenctions between drawing (in the widest sense) and painting.