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 Ella Clocksin (2018)  Quarry 2

Ella Clocksin (2018) Quarry 2

  1. To book, choose your group(s) from the list below, add them to the cart, then click on the black cart button to finish and pay.

  2. Term 1 bookings are paid in full; Term 2 is booked with a £70 deposit now, with invoiced balance due 14th December.

  3. Enter credit card, address and postcode etc to match exactly what's on file with your card-issuing bank.

  4. Booking errors: if you get a pop-up message saying 'update the card you entered,' it means that one of the fields does not exactly match your card issuer's records for you. You will need to check, amend or complete a detail in either your address or the card details (e.g. is it the full postcode?).

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