**Just two places left in Term 1, in Wednesday group 2

**Book now for Term 2, starting after Christmas, even if not doing Term 1

Book now - here's how

 Ella Clocksin (2018)  Quarry 2

Ella Clocksin (2018) Quarry 2

  1. Choose your group(s) from the list below, add them to the cart, then click on the black cart button to finish and pay.

  2. Term 1 places are paid for in full. Term 2 is currently booked by £70 deposit, with £140 balance due 14th December. But after 24th November, Term 2 places are booked with full payment of £210.

  3. You must enter credit card, address and postcode etc to match exactly what's on file with your card-issuing bank.

  4. Booking errors: if you get a pop-up message saying 'update the card you entered,' it means one of the fields does not match your card issuer's records for you. You just need to amend a detail in your name, address or card details (e.g. complete postcode?).

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