Term 1: Faster Friday group 1


Term 1: Faster Friday group 1


3 workshops, 10am - 4pm, with all materials included

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Please note: this FASTER FRIDAY group is only open to confident painters with long experience of my approach and methods

Improvising with colour, pattern, texture, expressive marks and altered shapes and forms will all loosen up your painting but won’t, by themselves, produce a structured abstract painting.

Across 6 workshops you’ll explore how ellipses, scale, multiples, repetition, blocks and grids can anchor and organise shapes into strong compositions, and move the eye around the painting without letting the viewer see how It’s done.

It’s a hidden but vital part of how a painting ‘works,’ and essential in the artist’s skill set.

‘Abstraction’ is a broad spectrum, from identifiable imagery a little loosened up to ‘non-real’ abstraction. You can choose and use the level of abstraction that works for you, while deploying new ideas about composition.

The course is taught in watercolour, but the content and processes are relevant for all media.

What to expect

  • Professional artist-tutor and facilitator with twenty years’ experience of teaching art

  • Small groups (max. 5 people) with mixed painting experience, and a friendly, welcoming and constructive atmosphere

  • Lots of individual support and feedback, tailored to your aims and experience

  • All materials/equipment provided

  • Short demonstrations and technical advice

  • A mix of structured exercises and more independent work

  • Homework (using own materials) to consolidate course work and prepare for next class

  • You may book one or both terms

  • If booking two terms, you can book either the same or different groups per term

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Terms and conditions

  1. Unless you cancel within 14 days of booking, there is no refund for later cancellations, because these are ‘date-specific leisure activities’ (like theatre tickets etc), and a refund is not obligatory.

  2. If you are unable to attend one of your workshop days, it may be possible to a) swap with someone else to a different day (e.g. your workshop 2 for their workshop 2), or b) to transfer to a spare seat in a different class within the same term only. These remedies work most of the time but cannot be guaranteed. No refunds are given for missed classes.

  3. Bookings are entirely at your own risk. Ella Clocksin accepts no liability for any loss, damage, or injury arising from booking or attending art classes.

  4. In the unlikely event of a workshop being cancelled, 100% of the fee paid for that day is refunded, with no further liability.

  5. The tutor may photograph classes and students’ work solely for her own records and for marketing future classes, unless you object.


Getting here

The Studio, York Avenue, Headington, Oxford, OX3 8NS

There is easy parking right outside the studio, with parking permits supplied.

The no. 4 buses stop on Old Road by the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre/Churchill Hospital. This is a 10 minute walk away.

The no. 10 bus also stops at the NOC/Churchill hospital stop, or stay on longer but get closer at Wood Farm Primary School stop.